Corded Vs Cordless Mice

When the time comes to replace your computer’s mouse, the big decision is going to be whether you opt for a corded or cordless solution. That’s a tough decision unless you’ve opted for a wireless mouse before, in which case there will be no contest.

A wired USB mouse feels incredibly cumbersome once you’ve got used to using a cable free alternative – and while some people shy away from ditching the cables for fear of incurring ongoing costs for batteries, those that do convert tend to stay converted.

Computer user battling with mouse wire
You can feel like you’re fighting against your wired computer mouse, a problem neatly solved by going cordless

In terms of what the two types of mice do, there’s really very little difference. They both move a mouse pointer on your screen to control Windows or your chosen operating system, and they both allow you to left and right click (unless you’re one of those odd Mac users).

It’s probably coming across that we’re fans of wireless mice, but does that mean they’re right for everyone? Probably not.

If you’re on a tight budget, then there’s no doubt that wireless options tend to be much more pricey than their more traditional corded counterparts. Similarly if you don’t sit at your computer much (by computer we are referring to desktop or laptop computers – it doesn’t really matter much which), then you’re less likely to notice the benefit of spending those extra pounds for the convenience of losing the cables.

On the other hand, if you can afford the price tag, you’ll almost certainly fall in love with the wire free point and click nature of the evolution of your computer mouse. In all honesty you can make the change for less then £10, but you often do get what you pay for, so how cheap is too cheap?

As a point of reference, I’m sat at my desk working all day every day, and when things are busy that includes at least one day at the weekend too, so I give my PC a lot of hammer. While I could spend over £100 on the top end mice, I don’t. Personally I like Microsoft mice, but that’s nothing more than a personal preference. If you’re like me, you’ll likely be drawn to the branded products, not necessarily out of loyalty in itself, but the fact that it gives you the confidence that things will get sorted if anything goes wrong.

That means that you can get a really good product for £50, but spending £20 to £30 will be fine for most people that aren’t at their computers for forty hours a week.

Conversely, spending £50 on a wired mouse would be crazy – you can get a really good quality one to plug into your USB port for a fraction of the cost of the equivalent cordless model.

Does that mean the saving is a good idea? For me, no. I much prefer to avoid the cable dragging across the desk and the way things are going will mean we’ll all go wireless in time anyway. For that reason, if your interest peaks at ordering wireless today, we don’t think you’ll regret it.